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Phase 2 - Bring Your Own Software


Phase 1 taught you about events that are generated by components in the reference solution. In Phase 2, you start integrating your own software. As you replace components with software, event simulation will no longer be required.

Your POS of choice must send POS events to either the Edgex REST or MQTT Device service. See POS Events for details about each POS event, and see Device Services for instructions to send events.

If you don't have a POS of choice yet, try an open source POS to get familiar with the POS integration.

Continue reading for general instructions to integrate your POS of choice.

Upload Products List

Make sure the POS you choose is loaded with the sample products below. These products work with the checkout simulator provided. This list is in CSV format:

Reference,Barcode,Name,Buy Price,Sell Price,Tax,Category,Default,Supplier
ABE391,013000006408,Ketchup,$0.00,$1.99,000,ALL,1,Jonah Albert
PKL121,049000050158,Sprite 2L,$0.00,$1.99,000,ALL,2,Benjamin Wooten
DKK435,021200519598,Ocelo Sponges,$0.00,$4.99,000,ALL,3,Garrison Calhoun
SCO091,028400159609,Ruffles,$0.00,$2.99,000,ALL,4,Tanner Hampton
POU311,052000338775,Gatorade,$0.00,$1.99,000,ALL,5,Gil Mayer
KFS842,038000183713,Pringles,$0.00,$2.99,000,ALL,6,Scott Herman
IFG952,048001353565,Mayonnaise,$0.00,$5.99,000,ALL,7,Kermit Bean
OLP122,043000955437,Koolaid Fruit Punch,$0.00,$0.99,000,ALL,7,Ben Ben
IKA931,022000008916,Extra Peppermint Gum,$0.00,$1.99,000,ALL,7,Kermit Bean
QWE211,051700988235,Finish Dishwasher Tablet,$0.00,$12.99,000,ALL,7,Kermit Bean
IKA321,012000163173,Mountain Dew 6 Pack,$0.00,$3.49,000,ALL,7,Ben Ben
YKG351,024000566670,Canned Green Beans,$0.00,$0.89,000,ALL,7,Ben Ben
ABE392,00000000324588,Red Apples,$0.00,$0.99,000,ALL,1,Jonah Albert
PKL125,00000000571111,Trail Mix,$0.00,$5.99,000,ALL,2,Benjamin Wooten
DKK439,00000000884389,Red Wine,$0.00,$10.99,000,ALL,3,Garrison Calhoun
SCO098,00000000735797,Steak,$0.00,$8.99,000,ALL,4,Tanner Hampton
POU312,00000000388771,Cheez It,$0.00,$3.99,000,ALL,5,Gil Mayer
KFS843,00000000830881,Salsa,$0.00,$4.99,000,ALL,6,Scott Herman
IFG953,00000000941969,Quaker Oats,$0.00,$8.99,000,ALL,7,Kermit Bean

Integrating your POS of choice

To build a POS system that integrates with our reference design you can use the following event types to trigger your custom code to send POS transactions to EdgeX.

Event Explanation REST device service events
Add Line Item A new line item is added to the ticket basket-open, scanned-item
Remove Line Item A line item is removed from the ticket remove-item
Total Calculation The customer is ready to begin payment payment-start
Payment Result A successful payment has been received payment-success, basket-close


Instead of using the event simulator to send POS Events you can use your POS of choice.